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A Tri-Fold Christmas Card this card turn pretty awesome with its 3-dimensional tree in the center of the front of the card.  There is a sentiment on the inside of the card.

A Christmas Bag I made for a Swap when I belong to the Cricut Board

The Other Side of the Bag I made for the Same Swap

Pieced Tags I made for a Tag Swap

The first item is a Christmas card I made for a gift it's a tri-fold card.

The second is the Front and Back of a Bag I made for a Exchange on Cricut's MB  The Penguin's on the front of the Bag are mounted on Wobbles.

The Third item is a set of tags to match the Bags for a Bags and Tags Exchange on Cricut's MB

The 4th and final picture is of The Santa bag for the Tags and Bags exchange.


  1. Your cards are all wonderful! I especially like the penguins. They are just adorable!

  2. Your cards are beautiful, the penguin one really is striking! Im now a follower of your blog!


    1. Ackkkk! I can't figure out how to follow :-(


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